Thank you for your interest in working with us. Here at BLS, we pride ourselves on creating unique M/M spanking and corporal punishment content that just doesn't exist anywhere else.

十分感谢你有兴趣跟我们合作. 在BLS我们自豪于能制作在其他地方找不到, 独特的男男 (M/M) 打屁股及体罚内容.

Basic Actor Requirements

For Spankees Roles 被动角色 (ee)

1. 18 to 29 years old (in general, young in appearance)
2. Slim, average or muscular body build
3. Prior experience receiving corporal punishment recommended, but not an absolute
4. Must be able to have their face shown

1. 18-29 岁 (总体来说看起来年轻)
2. 苗条, 中等或肌肉发达的身材
3. 如果以往有受体罚的经验会更好, 但并非必要
4. 必须能露脸拍摄

For Spanker Roles 主动角色 (er)

1. 18 years old or older
2. Must have prior experience giving corporal punishment in most cases
3. Must be able to have their face on shown

1. 18岁或以上
2. 大多数情况下以往必需曾有体罚他人的经验
3. 必须能露脸拍摄

Shooting Locations

United States 美国
New York, Los Angeles

Asia 亚洲
Hong Kong 香港

Other future Asian locations will depend on local COVID situations as well as any travel and entry restrictions.

我们于东亚的不同地方拍摄。 我们暂时预料于2021年夏季后期或秋季恢复拍摄. 确实的拍摄日期及地点将单独存在的新型冠状病毒病疫情状况及相关相关的旅游及出入境限制

(注: BLS没有及不会在中国大陆进行拍摄)

Actor Application

If you are interested please download and submit our actor application:
BLS Actor Application (English)

BLS Actor Application (简体中文) | BLS Actor Application (繁體中文)

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