These are some of the most common questions and customer issues we receive.
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Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Our payment processing is exclusively done by Verotel - which accepts credit/debit cards and bitcoin. Verotel is one of the largest and oldest adult site payment processors on the internet.

Q: Do you accept PayPal?

A: No. PayPal's terms of service explicitly forbid it's use for adult products.

Q: Do you accept Bitcoin?
A: Yes. When you pay with Verotel there will be an option to pay from your bitcoin wallet.

Q: I don't have a credit/debit card or bitcoin. What can I do?
A: Have a look at our alternative payment page.

Q: My username and password don't work
A: If you've just joined and can't login for the first time - you are most likely entering your username and password incorrectly. Check your membership confirmation e-mail from Verotel to verify your exact username and password.

Note that usernames and passwords are sensitive. That is there is a difference between a B and a b when entering in your username and password.

Q: I've lost my username and/or password
A: Use Verotel's password recovery page here.

Q: How do I cancel my recurring membership?
A: Please visit Verotel's cancellation page here.

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Q: Can I download the videos to my own computer/device?
A: Yes. All videos on our site are downloadable (MP4 format) for offline viewing on your computer or other device.

Q: Can I still view downloaded videos after my membership has expired?
A: Yes.

Q: What format are your videos in? What do I need to play them?
A: All of our videos are encoded in standard MP4 format. Just about any device these days (computer, laptop, phone, tablet) is capable of playing MP4 videos out of the box.

If you are on a particularly older computer (for example - running Windows XP) you may need to install a third party media player to view MP4 files. We would recommend the free and open source VLC for this.