Spanking Art

Teacher Hu is an art teacher - one who knows how to take spanking to an art form.
Watch as he punishes his errant students Mickey Zhu and Andy Chen with great mix of Eastern and Western corporal punishment styles.

Spankers 主动: Teacher Hu & Mickey Zhu | Spankees 被动: Mickey Zhu & Andy Chen | Age 年龄: 18 & 22
Series Running Time 系列时间长度: 78:00 | Available In 可以观看: SD, 720p & 1080p

Clip 4 of 4 - Cheater Punished 1
Now that he has finally confessed to cheating, Mickey Zhu’s punishment is carried on by Teacher Hu with a thin cane; board other tools in a variety of hard and equally humiliating positions.

Annoyed that Mickey appears to be aroused during the punishment, Teacher Hu makes short work of any pleasure Mickey may be getting, bringing the punishment to the cheater’s genitals and anus.

Clip 3 of 4 - Cheater Punished 1
Mickey Zhu is caught cheating on an exam and earns a hard and varied punishment from Teacher Hu.
Mickey is reluctant to confess to cheating and takes a tough beating on his ass before confessing.
This even before the real punishment begins!

Clip 2 of 4 - Freshman Punishes Senior
Senior student Andy Chen is punished in a variety of positions with several tools by freshman Mickey Zhu and Teacher Hu.

Clip 1 of 4 - Student Phone Punishment
Senior high student Mickey Zhu is caught playing on his cell phone in art class when he is supposed to be painting. Teacher Hu then spanks by hand and a traditional Chinese teaching stick.