This website is for adults only and contains photos and videos of nudity, corporal punishment and other sexually explicit content.
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All persons appearing in the photos and videos on this website were at least 18 years of age or older when said photos and videos were produced, and exclusively participated in production voluntarily. The scenarios shown in the photos and videos were staged for maximum realism, with participants role-playing and acting.

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这个网站只供成年人浏览并含有裸露的图片及视频, 体罚和其他色情内容.

所有在这个网站的图片及视频出现的人士在相关的图片及视频拍摄的时候已经至少达到18岁, 同时他们均为完全自愿参与拍摄. 本网站的图片及视频里显示的场景是经特别布置以带来最高的真实感, 参与者则在这些场景里扮演各种角色去演戏