Eastern Education

Senior high school boy Adrian Lee is punished for not doing homework and playing with his phone in class
- and in clip 1 receives the tawse on his hands and the paddle on his bottom.

Adrian didn't learn his lesson though, because he is later caught sneaking out to an internet cafe and soundly
punished in clips 2 and 3 by hand and martinet with a mix of classic OTK, bastinado and even the wheelbarrow position.

Spanker 主动: Hector Palaiologos | Spankee 被动: Adrian Lee | Age 年龄: 18
Series Running Time 系列时间长度: 34:00 | Available In 可以观看: SD, 720p & 1080p

Preview Video:

Clip 1 of 3 - Tawse & Paddle
Clip 2 of 3 - Spanking & Bastinado
Clip 3 of 3 - Martinet & Wheelbarrow