Sixth Form East - Season 2

"It's just another spanking right... right?" - the Discipline Master has arrived alongside the second season of Sixth Form East!
Series in progress now!

Spankers: D.M. Baxter, Hector Palaiologos & Jonathan Li

Adrian Lee, Jackson Ng, Peter Lam,
Karl Zhang, Michael Chen & Tom Chan

Series Running Time:
63:00 | Available In: SD, 720p & 1080p

Spanker: D.M. Baxter | Spankees: Michael Chen & Jackson Ng
Running Time: 9:00
Michael Chen and newcomer Jackson Ng are sent to the school Discipline Master for the very first time for a proper disciplinary caning.

While they've been punished by teachers and prefects before...
neither boy is quite ready for what awaits from D.M. Baxter.

Spanker: D.M. Baxter | Spankees: Tom Chan & Peter Lam
Running Time: 10:00
After a first visit few boys return to the Discipline Master for a second... or a third session. Tom Chan and Peter Lam do not fit into that category however, as D.M. Baxter corrects the errant boys for the second and third times respectively.

Spanker: D.M. Baxter & Jonathan Li | Spankee: Michael Chen
Running Time: 6:00
Hard punishment is still very much on Michael Chen's mind after being caned by the Discipline Master in Episode 1. Dreaming later that night - Michael finds himself in the boys home...

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankees: Adrian Lee, Jackson Ng, Peter Lam
Running Time: 14:00
Adrian Lee, Jackson Ng and Peter Lam decide to order hotel room service while away on a school trip. The trio end up, however, getting service of a different kind...

Spanker: Hector Palaiologos | Spankees: Adrian Lee, Jackson Ng, Peter Lam
Running Time: 8:00
After Peter endures a sound strapping along with Adrian and Jackson getting tasters of their own, the later two boys are none too amused how Peter's room service scheme turned out...

Spanker: Jonathan Li | Spankees: Karl Zhang, Michael Chen, Tom Chan
Running Time: 11:00
After arriving late to football practice for the umpteenth time - the trio of Karl Zhang, Michael Chen and Tom Chan are punished with plimsoll and strap by team Captain Jonathan Li.

Spanker: D.M. Baxter | Spankee: Adrian Lee
Running Time: 4:30
"Ah - a new face?" - and the face is of Adrian Lee as he meets the Discipline Master for the very first time.