Cousin Caning

After having a prostitute to their hotel room, two young Chinese guys get caned on the butt and hands by their older cousin.

Spanker: Li Wejie | Spankees: Wang Rong & Pang Hao | Ages: 19, 19

Running Time: 12:00 | Available In: SD & 720p


Korean Tutor Discipline

Young Park is punished by his tutor. Authentic Korean-style discipline with local tools on the buttocks, hands, calves and feet.

Spanker: Lee Dae | Spankee: Park Young-sik | Age: 18

# of Video Clips: 2 | Series Running Time: 15:00
Available In:
SD & 720p

Asian Dorm Spank

Two young Asian guys get caned in their university dorm.

Spanker: Jun Jei | Spankee: Jun Wei, Jun Xiang | Age: 18, 20

# of Video Clips: 3 | Running Time: 6:00
Available In: SD