Cane & Tawse

Nate confesses to quite a perverted act as a teen when he went to summer camp. Now he earns his long overdue punishment - first a short dose of the cane and then a lengthy whipping with a tawse.

Cameraboy Kevin Dawson (of the Corporal A.I. video) also gets in the act in a bonus clip as he takes the belt to Nate's ass.

Spankers: Jeremy, Kevin Dawson | Spankee: Nate Johnson | Age: 21

# of Video Clips: 3 | Series Running Time: 20:00 | Available In: SD, 720p & 1080p

Preview Video:

Clip 1: Confession & Cane
Bonus Clip: Cameraboy's Belt
Clip 2: Confession & Cane