Legacy 旧作回顾
From time to time BLS has had other divisions and partner producers. While these divisions and partners no longer produce new content, their archives remain available for BLS subscribers. Previews are below.

BLS偶尔会有一些分站及视频制作合作伙伴 .
虽然这些分站及合作伙伴已经停止制作新的内容, BLS 的订阅者仍然可以浏览他们的旧有内容的存档.

BLS North
BLS North featured videos produced by Vincent Huang (also known as "Tianma"). These videos mix corporal punishment and BDSM along with some Chinese cultural themes sprinkled in. BLS North has been inactive since January 2021.

BLS北方提供由 Vincent Huang (另一名称为 “天马”) 制作的视频. 这些视频混合了体罚及BDSM的内容, 配合中国文化相关的主题. BLS北方已经于2021年1月起停止了新视频的制作

BLS Oregon
BLS Oregon was a small American division of BLS focusing on amateur spanking with local college boys. BLS Oregon division retired it's cameras in January 2020.

BLS 俄勒冈 是一个小型的美国分站, 内容专注于当地高中生业余性质的打屁股.
BLS 俄勒冈已经于2020年1月起停止了新视频的制作

BLS Cebu
BLS Cebu was a division of BLS that featured primarily actors of Latin and Southeast Asian heritage and focused on quasi-judicial themes. BLS Cebu has been inactive since late 2018.

BLS宿务提供的视频主要由具拉丁及东南亚韵味的演员出演, 内容专注于类近司法形式的主题. BLS宿务自2018年下旬起没有再制作过新的视频

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