BLS and COVID-19: How it has impacted us and what we are doing

Most Recently Updated: June 4th 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the operations here at BLS, and has presented significant challenges for us in our ability to film and deliver new content.

In contrast to most other studios in the adult entertainment industry, our team members come together from multiple countries. Worldwide restrictions on travel and cross border movement have hit us particularly hard, as well as local lockdowns in many regions.

As of June 4th 2021 BLS has resumed a full release schedule. We will be releasing six new videos each month as follows:

-One new video every Friday (starting today)
-One new video every other Tuesday (the first Tuesday release will be on June 8th)

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2019 新型冠状病毒病对BLS 及其运作的影响

最后更新日期: 2021年6月4日

2019 新型冠状病毒病疫情对BLS 的运作构成了严重的影响, 同时对我们上载新视频的能力带来了很大的挑战

不同于大部份成人娱乐行业的制作室, 我们的团队是由来自世界各地的成员所组成. 大范围的出入境禁令及旅游限制对我们的打击尤见沉重, 个别地区的封锁政策更进一步加剧了我们正在面对的困难

BLS已经恢复了正常的视频发布频次. 我们每一个月会发布六段视频. 新视频发布日程表如下:

-每一个星期五 (由今天开始)
-每两个星期二 (星期二的新视频发布由6月8日开始)

如有任何查询, 欢迎随时通过电邮 联系我们

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